PSG: the detail that blocks a return of Gana Gueye to the Premier League

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Paris Saint-Germain has created a list with undesirable players this summer. These players have all joined the “loft” and now train on the sidelines. Idrissa Gana Guieye is one of them. L’Senegalese internationalHe also found a way out. According to French and English media, the player was required to join the Premier League. The Everton-trained Diambars-trained player has agreed to a deal.

The Senegalese remain a part Paris Saint-Germain. The midfielder is also under contract until June 2023, with a salary of 385,000 euros per month. This is the core of the problem. RMC Sports has informed us that the 32 year-old footballer would like to be released from his contract. He would like to be free to join Everton. This would allow him a signing bonus with Toffees. Except that the Parisian leaders are not so sure. Ile-de-France wants to sell the player and get transfer compensation.

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It is therefore a matter between PSG, Gana Gueye that is currently blocking the return to the Lion of TerangaAt Everton. This is where he played between 2016 and 2019. He was a top-rated defensive midfielder in the Kingdom.

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