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The African sports media deserves more attention. It is involved in showcasing African sport on the global sporting arena.

It is obvious that sports journalists are our everyday partners and companions in all sports competitions, both continental and international.

We are very grateful for the contributions of sports journalists in covering the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other challenges, the sports media always responded to questions at these events.

We don’t forget about the hard work these professionals do every single day in the 54 countries where the National Olympic and Sports Committees are present. These professionals must maintain good and effective relations with their respective country’s sports journalists.

Africa is set to host major international competitions. This means that the African sports media must contribute to these Olympic events.

We count on your continued projection of Sporting Africa as a winner, even through its media channels through its Press.

The information in the reports, chronicles, analyses, and comments of sports journalists, who have always displayed a high level professionalism during competitions, has been very helpful to African youth.

ANOCA sincerely congratulates all of these Journalists for overcoming many difficulties to provide real-time information to the public and actors of the Olympic and Sports Movement.

The advent of digital technology requires that the sports media change their attitude. Fake News is a result of information distortions, and sport is no exception.

 But, sports journalists, our friends and brothers, must take full measure of the stakes and continue their work in compliance with ethical principles.

We are here to support you during this World Sports Press Day.

Mustapha Berraf
IOC Member
President of ANOCA

Distributed by APO Group, Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

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