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The Algerian regime wanted to use the Mediterranean Games to hide its politicoeconomic woes and improve its image. However, the event proved to be a disaster organizationally. The Secretary General of International Committee of Mediterranean Games, (ICMG), was harsh in his condemnation of a botched organization of games that were the first to take place in Algeria in decades.

The Games turned into a disaster from the opening ceremony. This was the view of Mr. Lakovos Filippousis (Secretary General of ICMG), who wrote to Aziz Derouaz, President of the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022.

“To our great regret, we must highlight the significant and fundamental organizational shortcomings, which have created extremely negative impressions on the members of the Mediterranean Family and have provoked strong reactions,” said the ICMG Secretary General, Iakovos Filippousis, who denounced a chaotic organization.

Lakovos Filippousis says Oran’s transportation system was a complete failure. About sixty members of the ICMG executive committee, including presidents and secretaries general of the Olympic committees & International Federations, as well as other distinguished guests of the Mediterranean Games were unable to arrive at the stadium on time for the opening ceremony.

They arrived at the stadium after a long delay and missed the opening ceremony of the Games. Their safety and security were seriously compromised as they had to push their way through the crowd to get into the stadium. There were no entrance gates for the Mediterranean family or priority pathways for the elderly and vulnerable.

This is unacceptable. The letter pointed out that the ICMG and all Mediterranean sports families are offended by these unprecedented organizational failures.

They were also disappointed at the lack of volunteers and the inability of organizers to provide quality food and water supply.

Furthermore, the Mediterranean sports family was upset by unacceptable decision of Algerian authorities to deny entry to several members of the international press accredited by the OCMG, as well as by the absence of sports facilities in the Olympic village, which are essential for athletes’ training to avoid spending long hours in uncomfortable transportation vehicles and traffic jams before reaching the stadiums.


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