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On Friday, elements of the prefectural police of Casablanca were able to stop a drug trafficking plot thanks to accurate information from the Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance.

The police confiscated 2 tons of chira from a truck transporting goods, and arrested the truck driver (aged 34) and his assistant (aged 44).

According to the national police (DGSN), the operation, which took place at the Casablanca toll station, allowed the seizing of a truck transporting goods between Jorf Al Malha in order for it to be transported to the southern provinces.

The search operations led to the confiscation of 2 tons of chira, which were intended for international traficking. Also, a rubber boat, two engines, and a large sum of money, likely derived from this criminal activity.

The suspects were taken into custody. Investigations are ongoing to determine the national and global ramifications and to capture the principal criminal actors.

This operation is part in the constant efforts of the security service to fight international drug trafficking network at both the national and international level.

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