CAN Women 2022-Senegal-Awa Diakhaté: “We are not afraid of anything or anyone”

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After twelve years of abstinence, Senegal is back in the CAN Women 2022. The 12th edition of the CAN Women 2022 will be held in Pool A. The Lionesses are ambitious to be there. One of the stars of the Senegalese team, Awa Diakhaté is more than ever determined to go as far as possible in this tournament.

Awa Diakhaté is one of the players to follow at the AFCON Women 2022. The Senegalese attack is spearheaded by the new OM recruit. She is full of confidence. “On is prepared to defend the colors of Nigeria in the African Cup of Nations. We all know what our objective is and we will all work together to achieve it. I wouldn’t refer to a personal goal, but rather a collective one. Only three people have participated in the CAN. This is a new first for the rest. Our goal is to reach at least the semi-finals and why not play the final and take the trophy » The Senegalese site Wiwsport has a 26-year-old player.

Awa Diakhate adds: “on is not afraid or intimidated by anyone or anything. No matter what team we face, we will not be afraid. After our win in the UFOA final against Mali (which was a semi-finalist at last AFCON), we have already proven we can do it. No team can contain our intensity. We are prepared to take on everyone. We took the time and saw them, but the most important thing was what would happen on the ground. She warns.

Senegal, who is in pool A, will compete against Uganda on Sunday, July 3, 2013.. For this 12th edition, Diakhaté does not intend to miss. “Experience counts in all events. Club and selection matches are different for us. We will support the youngest players, bring our strength to them, and do everything possible to get to the semi-finals. We will be one nation in women’s football within the next few years.”She ends.

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