CAN 2022 (F) – Morocco-Burkina: the clash of extremes

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The kick-off for the women’s CAN will take place this Saturday, July 2, between Morocco and Burkina Faso.

The 12th anniversary of the start of the 12Th Women’s African Cup of Nations (CAN), This Saturday, the award will be presented. Burkina is the host country. The poster looks unbalanced. Because Morocco is clearly moving forward in its women’s soccer, while Burkina is still looking for its way.

It is also his first qualification in a continental competition. But this does not seem to be a great handicap for the Burkinabè who intend to shake up the hierarchy. “I think the hen is playable. We can even come out of our pool first and aim for qualification for the World Cup,”Pascal Sawadogo insists. A mission that promises to be difficult, but not impossible for novices.

The technician will depend on a group who knows each other well. Juliette Nana and Justine Zongo are Fadiratou Tarnagda. Naomie Adèle Kabré, Félicité Kafando, Jacqueline Sedego are all there. “Presences that boost national coach.We were given a greater amount of consideration than in the past. I am sure that if we go very far, we will be considered even more”,Supports the national coach for women.

A different preparation

We used to say that no one wants to go too far without his horse. This is something Morocco has always understood. This is why Morocco has mastered this art. CANThe bank was blown up by the Cherifian Kingdom. Reynald Peros was the new leader of the circuit. They also placed bets on many players who would develop in the professional environment, such as Rosella Amani, Salma amani, Elodie Nakkach and Imane Saoud. Burkina Faso does NOT count on expatriates. The Burkinabès also chased after CAN qualifying bonuses. Morocco had everything settled as if it were on music paper. Preparations were also different. This shock is a result of so many differences in treatment between the two options.


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