Moroccan pilots to train on Apache helicopters in African Lion 2022 – The North Africa Post

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Moroccan media reported that the Apache helicopters will be deployed during African Lion 2022. They will offer a chance for Moroccan pilots and their ability to handle the aircraft better.

Morocco has trained pilots in handling helicopters in the past.

In November 2019, the US State Department cleared the sale 36 AH64E Apache attack helicopters as well as related equipment at an estimated cost of $4.25 Billion.

McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) developed the twin-engine army attack helicopter. It is currently used by Egypt and Israel.

The acquisition would significantly tip the balance in favor Morocco in the regional arms race against Algeria. Morocco operates F16 fighter jets while Algeria relies on Russia’s SU-30.

The African Lion is an annual military exercise that brings together the US, Morocco, and friendly armies in order to improve troop interoperability as well as increase readiness.

African Lion 2022 is June 20-30 in the regions of Agadir and Benguerir.

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