AMERICA/VENEZUELA – The diocesan phase of the Synod towards its conclusion: the results of 4,000 meetings are processed

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AMERICA/VENEZUELA — The Synod’s diocesan phase towards its conclusion: The results from 4,000 meetings are processed

Caracas (Agenzia Fides). The National Commission of the Synod on Synodality met in Caracas at the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela (CEV), to reflect, read and compile a synopsis of the contributions of the diocesan work. According to Fides’ note from CEV, there were approximately 4,000 meetings in the country of the Synod Assemblies during the diocesan stage. 56,000 people participated in reflection, comment, and offered their ideas and suggestions.
The National Commission is a multidisciplinary team consisting of four lay people (two men and two women), two nuns and one priest. The Commission enriched the results of the diocesan assemblies that have been held in Venezuela since October 2021 when Pope Francis issued the call to start the path of Synodality. These meetings were held in particular Venezuelan churches. Now, the diocesan phase has reached its culmination phase with the elaboration and finalization of the synthesis. Sister Gleudy Lara, PVM, member on the Commission, said that “We wanted to make community reflecting according to God’s word and encountering a Church who, if it wants synodality to be able to walk in it, has many difficulties but also many hope.” She highlighted the wealth of contributions made by all dioceses. Fr. José Antonio Da Conceicao, informed that, at the end of the diocesan phase, the synthesis will be presented to the Episcopal Assembly, which will take place in July, where the Bishops will study the conclusions. The Bishops will then be able to incorporate the text into their decisions. After this phase is completed the material will then be sent to the General Secretariat of Synod of Bishops in Rome by August 15. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 20/6/2022)



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