AFRICA/GHANA – “No ethnic group is too small to be unable to contribute to the growth of Ghana”

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AFRICA/GHANA: “No ethnic group is too little to be able to contribute to the development of Ghana”

Accra (Agenzia Fides – The Archbishop and President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Ghana, His Exc. Mgr. Philip Naameh, Mgr. He stated in a television interview that, “To further develop independence, no one can afford it to assume that its is too small, and no ethnic group must assume it is not too small to contribute to the whole nation.” “In this way, we will be in a position to develop the Ghanaian culture, national spirit, and because all the ethnic group in Ghana have something for the whole of society,” said Bishop Naameh. He expressed his conviction that all Ghanaians would quickly mobilize to help those in need if a portion of Ghana was hit by a disaster. In a country like Ghana, where there are still latent conflicts, the call for unity in diversity of the ethnic group that makes up Ghana is vital. Monsignor Naameh (also president of the Northern Regional Peace Council) called a meeting in Tamale in March to deepen cooperation between religious leaders, media, and other stakeholders as part of efforts for interreligious coexistence.
Msgr. Msgr. The Archbishop urged citizens to respect law and work with security personnel to stop violence in the region. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 23/3/2022)



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