CAN 2021: Guinea provides the essentials

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Guinea beat Malawi 1-0 in its first match of Group B of CAN 20201. The victory of Syli National was achieved with more or less ease, which allows Kaba Diawara’s men to take on Senegal at top of the group.

Issiaga Sylla rescued Guinea from the Malawian trap

It had not won its first match at the CAN finals in Guinea since 2006. This is now a thing that is gone. The Syli national, which entered the 33rd edition of African Cup of Nations, was not without fear. Kaba Diawara’s men sinned often in the last attempt to get shelter, despite being dominant in the game. It could have been technical waste, such as a massive error made by the Guinean rearguard. Chester was able to score alone. But the Malawian attacker missed his duel in front of Aly Keïta (16th).

They were free to warn, which had the advantage of awakening Guineans who were being led astray by their enemies. Their mastery in leather was rewarded with their first built action. Issiaga Sylla was at the conclusion of a movement initiated by Naby Keïta to open the scoring (35th). This goal had the merit of initiating the match with Guineans pushing for a double stake. They were close, but Kakhowbe was the goalkeeper for Malawi. He was highlighted on his line with in particular a double parade just prior to the break. After their return from the locker room, Mamadou and Mohamed Bayo weren’t more successful.

Aly Keïta, impassable bulwark of Guinea

Guinea suffered from a lack of realism, which could have been costly. The country conceded many times in front of its goal. The Guineans were unable to reassure, being so defensive and feverish. Chester, despite all the good moves made by Malawi, became a permanent danger. But he could not find the way back to goal, much like the new duel that was lost in front Aly Keita (58th). The Guinean goalkeeper was still busy with a Muyaba strike but was relieved by his teammates (67th). The Guineans were unable to score the break goal and had to decide to end the game in the final minutes.

It was not an easy task, and there was a final fear in the last minutes. But the victory was there. Three valuable points that the Syli National in Guinea can pick up Senegal at the top group AYou have already taken a step towards qualification in the 8th finals. If Senegal wins, the qualification can be validated Friday. For its part, Malawi will fight to revive against Zimbabwe in the defeat match of the first morning.

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